7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

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7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

1. Have your AC system serviced

One of the most effective ways to lower your monthly electric bill is to have your AC system serviced biannually. Whether you have a Day&Night, TRANE, Carrier, Goodman, or any other brand unit, they all require routine service to prolong the life of the equipment and keep things running smoothly. Many HVAC companies offer affordable maintenance plans that include cleaning outdoor coils, checking voltage connections, and making sure refrigerant levels are maintaining the appropriate level.

2. Seal your windows and doors

Have you ever seen that bright yellow glow around your door in middle of a sunny day, or felt warm air radiating through your windows? It may be time to hit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up some caulk and weather stripping. If cool air is escaping through these cracks and seams, your AC system is working harder that it needs to.

3. Insulate your walls and attics

Cool air can escape through more than just windows and doors. Walls, attics, and crawl spaces feed warm air into your home if not properly insulated. Having your home professionally insulated is a surefire way to increase energy efficiency while reducing your monthly bill. By trapping the cool air that’s pumped into your home, your unit will maintain set-point for longer periods of time thus reducing the amount of times your unit needs to kick on.

4. Stick to lower floors

Heat rises therefore your top floors may call for cooling more often. Try adjusting your thermostat to a higher set-point upstairs throughout the day, and occupy the downstairs area until the evening. At night, lower your upstairs temperature so your system isn’t working as hard to cool the top floors.

5. Reduce sunlight

Exposing your home to direct sunlight raises the temperature in your home and makes it difficult to cool. During summer months, be sure to keep curtains or shades closed, especially if the home is unoccupied throughout the day. Other useful tips include adding tint to your windows or even planting a shade tree. As always, be sure to consult your landlord, HOA, and/or warranty company before making any changes to the dynamic of your home.

6. Replace your filters

Air filters help limit the amount of dust in the air while keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. As filters become dirty and clogged with debris, your system works harder to circulate air and runs for longer periods of time, exposing the system’s components to unneeded wear and tear.

7. Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are very effective when it comes to energy savings. By adjusting temperatures while you’re away or asleep, greatly reduces the frequency in which your unit needs to run. You can even program settings that gradually adjust to your temperature preferences. Thermostats are so advanced that homeowners can now manipulate temperatures from their smart device while away from home.

Although there are plenty more ways to cut costs on your monthly air conditioning bill, we’ve experienced some pretty substantial changes by using these simple tips. For tips like these and more stay connected by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Thanks for reading!


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