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Public Projects in Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, AZ And Surrounding Areas

Tempe Union High School – Tempe, AZ

This project included 5 schools within the Tempe Union High School District: Corona del Sol, Desert Vista, Mountain Point, McClintock, and Tempe High School. This project had a restricted time frame and no facility was to be without services for the duration of the project. UNI-TECH performed work after-hours and on weekends. The project was scheduled for 90 days and was completed within 45 days. Corona de Sol consisted of the removal and replacement of one water-cooled chiller and one Cooling Tower. Both system platforms had to be reconstructed, which included demolition of the CT base and reconstruction of pillars and steel supports. Electrical upgrades including VFDs. The chiller pad had to be removed and re-poured. Work at Desert Vista included the removal and replacement of a water-cooled chiller. Restrictions in space made it difficult to remove the chiller through existing doors. This caused UNI-TECH to also remove and replace the CT and associated piping. Mountain Point included the removal of one water-cooled chiller, CT pump, one boiler, and one boiler system pump. Work at McClintock consisted of the removal and replacement of two boilers and re-piping of the mechanical room. Tempe High School included upgrading the electrical panels and the kitchen’s fire suppression system.

Lake Havasu City Water Treatment Plant – Lake Havasu City, AZ

This project included the removal of two 20-Ton ground mounted package units, which were replaced with two 20-Ton Water Source Heat Pumps and two 15-Ton Water Source Heat Pumps. The condenser water was supplied from a new mechanical room that required all underground piping. This job included traffic control, asphalt, and concrete replacement. The new mechanical room consisted of four heat exchanges and multiple pumps. Cold water was supplied by underground piping coming from the city’s water supply. Water was then returned back to the city’s clear well basin. This project was completed on time and within budget.

Mesa Unified School District – Information System Upgrade – Mesa, AZ

This project consisted of a new mechanical room and storage area housing all the servers for the Mesa Unified School District. Four Liebert 1200 CFM computer room air conditioning units were in the server room, supplied with chilled water by two Trane RTAA air-cooled chillers. Pumps and mechanical specialty components were also installed in the mechanical yard.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office – Phoenix, AZ

This project was a tenant improvement for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Work was split into two phases. UNI-TECH converted the first floor of a five story parking garage into an office facility. This work included the addition of two Trane RTAA air-cooled chillers and six new fan coil units. This job also included an outdoor mechanical yard with mechanical specialty components.

Kino Junior High School – Mesa, AZ

This project involved construction of a new building to house new mechanical equipment. This job included two SMARDT water-cooled chillers, pumps, and associated mechanical specialty components.

Maxwell Elementary School – Tucson, AZ

This project included 5000 linear feet of pre-insulated, underground chill water piping. UNI-TECH first removed all the concrete and underground piping between buildings. Welded piping was set into place and reconnected between buildings. New risers and shut-off valves were installed in each building. This project was completed on-time and within budget parameters.

Chandler Gilbert Community College – Chandler, AZ

This project contributed greatly to expansion and growth at CGCC’s Gateway Campus. UNI-TECH installed welded, underground, pre-insulated chill water piping from a newly constructed building to older facilities on campus. The underground system ran over one half of a mile in length. This project required temporary closure and traffic control at Sossaman Road and Texas Avenue. Additionally, a new air-handler and pumps were installed in an existing mechanical yard on campus.